Our recent talk was by Emily Rogalski, PhD. She provided her findings on why some age differently than the others. The talk was attended by various practicing neurologists, neuropsychologists and many interested psychologists.

Event – World Alzheimer’s day 2020

If you missed our event, you can watch it by following the link:

The BRAIN Group

The Bangalore Research and Interest in Neuropsychology (BRAIN) group is an initiative of the Neuropsychology division of the CNC that brings together people interested in learning and sharing current news, seminal work and anything (and everything) interesting about neuropsychology, neurology, cognitive neuroscience and related fields.

The schedule of the meeting includes a talk followed by discussions related to the talk and other general discussions related to the field. It is an informal meeting attracting mainly professionals and students interested in the fields of neuropsychology, neurology, and neuroscience.

The meetings are scheduled once a month (the last Saturday of the month) and are open to all for no fee. The aim of the group is to bring together interesting discussions in the field and to learn and share about the work happening!

For more information and regular updates about meetings, follow us on Facebook at 


We organized a public awareness talk on 29 October 2014, ‘World Stroke Day’ at Annasawmy Mudaliar General Hospital. The event included a talk by Dr. Ratnavalli Ellajosyula (Consultant Neurologist, Manipal Hospital) who gave tips on preventing stroke and what to do in an emergency. A ‘Brain Gym’ was conducted by Ms. Jwala Narayanan (Consultant Neuropsychologist, Manipal Hospital) and Ms. Prerana Sabnis that gave participants tips on how to keep their brain healthy and fit.

Your support

Your support goes a long way in advancing our knowledge of dementia. You can donate and financially support the research happening at our clinic. Your contribution will be acknowledged in our upcoming research and presentations that we make around the world.

For organizations and institutes: If you are willing to support our cause, we are happy to run a drive/memory camp for free at your institute to increase awareness about healthy ageing and the prevention of dementia and stroke. 


For students: We look for students who are enthusiastic and dedicated to shadow the work happening at the CNC. You will get hands-on experience with choosing and administering neuropsychological assessments, designing rehabilitation plans, working with neurologists and other specialists to arrive at accurate diagnoses, and conducting quality research in the field.

Due to the nature of our work, we prefer students who have completed or are currently pursuing their postgraduate degrees in psychology, neuroscience and neurology with an interest in neuropsychology and cognitive neurology. However, we can always make space for highly motivated undergraduate students at the Clinic. Since we also work in a multilingual setup in Bangalore, students who speak more than two Indian languages (especially Kannada, Tamil, or Telugu) would be desirable. You are encouraged to contact us at: 

Internships are also available for MBBS Graduates who are interested in cognitive neurology. 


For the general public: Despite all the ongoing research, our knowledge of these conditions is still limited. To better understand these conditions, it is important that we understand how a healthy brain functions. For this reason, we welcome people above the age of 40 to volunteer and undergo a neuropsychological assessment for free. These assessments will consist of simple paper and pencil tests of memory, language, attention and reasoning. These tests serve two functions: 1) they allow us to compare the performance of healthy people with that of patients, and 2) they serve as a baseline to help monitor brain functions in healthy people if they were to unexpectedly face memory and language problems in the future.

All volunteer information is kept confidential, and their identities are protected by an alphanumeric code (eg: BC103). To volunteer with us, please mail us at or call +91-9538455077